Reflections of a Cat Whisperer
by Mary Ann Clifford

Mary Ann Clifford was never fond of English when she was still in school. The last thing she cared about was writing essays or papers on any subject. But it was ironic because she enjoyed creating narratives about insights on life. Nonetheless, she wasn’t brave enough to reveal them to others for the simple reason that she feared getting teased. In the years after her formal education, she fine-tuned these tales and added new ones. Even so, they remained inside her thoughts, though she did share them with a particular feline audience. When she became older and a little more confident, she disclosed some of the tales with special friends. Eventually, they persuaded her to gather them together into a book. As a result, she started to put what she thought on paper.

Reflections of a Cat Whisperer is about her journey through childhood and then into life as an adult.  This book contains short stories, thoughts, and verses that present descriptions of her interactions with numerous felines throughout the years.  This collection is not one continuous story; rather it contains descriptions of moments with her thundering herd and other felines.  It is about a magical way of looking at life through which she received wisdom and continues to do so from these marvelous creatures.